St Ayles Skiff Rowing

St Ayles Skiff Rowing

Port Cygnet Sailing Club has a very enthusiastic group of rowing members, with two St Ayles skiffs, The Swan and The Cygnet, active six days a week.

Both boats were built here in Cygnet by our members. These two boats are often seen out on the bay; rain, hail or shine and the keen following has greatly benefited PCSC membership.

St Ayles skiffs are kit built to a 2009 design by Australian Ian Oughtred, based on the Fair Isle and similar skiffs in use around Britain for hundreds of years. There are now around 200 boats world-wide. 6.7 metres long, with four rowers and a cox, they are a fast, stable and dry boat. To keep costs down, the design is simple – no sliding seats or feathering oars.

There are now several in Tasmania: 3 at the Living Boat Trust at Franklin - Imagine, Billie and Freya, the Chiton at Taroona and they often compete in local, interstate and even international regattas.

More information can be seen at the St. Ayles Australia website

If you’d just like to keep fit, or participate in the occasional inter-club or even national or international competition, try rowing a St Ayles skiff at Port Cygnet Sailing Club. You’ll be welcomed by all club members – it’s a relaxed and friendly environment.

You do have be a PCSC member (membership form available here) as club membership enables a useful nationwide no-fault personal accident insurance policy (see details here) to cover participants in club approved events.

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