Slip Hire, Washdown and Tender Storage


PCSC Slip Hire, Washdown Facilities and Tender Storage

Slipway facilities are limited to Senior and Family category financial Members of the Club.

The club has 2 slipways capable of a maximum 15 metres in length beam and 13 tonnes gross weight. A pressure washer is available for hire for washing down of boats.

People who wish to join the club are advised that if their boat measures more than 15 metres or 13 tonnes, it will not be slipped at our facilities. There are other facilities nearby which are better equipped to slip these larger vessels.

The limits of 15 metres and 13 tonnes are arbitrary, however, there is general agreement that larger boats incur greater wear and tear on our ageing slipways. 

Please click here to download a slip agreement and special conditions form, which has to be signed before the slipway is occupied.

PCSC has recently completed its long term plan of upgrading our slipway so that it does not discharge toxic waste into the conservation area of the Port Cygnet waterway.

*Note: A Environmental Levy of $50 per vessel per slip is charged to cover the maintenance of our Slipway Environmental Management System.



To Book:

Email or phone:  Simon Perigo, Bosun


Phone:  0498 142 520

On-water and on-shore Tender Storage is available to financial members of the Club through the purchase of a Tender Permit. A copy of our Tender Storage Policy and By-Laws can be found HERE. To purchase your Tender permit, do this through our on-line shop HERE.

Slipway Bylaws

(1) Members must be financial before using the slip. Slip not available to Associate members.

(2) Boat owners shall provide all assistance necessary for the slipping of their boats at the time arranged, and be responsible for their own craft.

(3) The slipway and its gear to be used at the boat owners risk.

(4) Boat owners, members or their representatives using the slipway or its gear etc. in an improper or negligent manner shall be liable for any accident or damage which may result thereby, plus damage to other boats. Due care to be exercised.

(5) There shall not be metal grinding permitted unless proper screening is in place to protect other craft and club property. This also applies to spray painting and the person carrying out the work shall be responsible for any damage to any other craft or club property.

(6)  Sand or shot blasting is not to be used under any circumstances. The use of Soda blasting is permitted provided complete screening is under taken by the operator.

(7) Members or their representatives shall clean the slip and remove all rubbish that they make including thinners and cleaning fluids DO NOT USE THE COUNCIL BIN. 

(8) A clean up fee of $50 will be charged if waste is not removed or the slip area is left in a poor condition as the Bosun’s discretion.

(9) Payment at the time of launching would be appreciated.

(10) Slipping of interstate or overseas boats prohibited unless proof that they have been slipped in Tasmania or prior to leaving mainland Australia.

(11) Wash down and wet sanding must not be done at spring high tide when the catchment drain is submerged and our waste water processing system is not functioning. You will have to wait until the grate is exposed and waste from the slipway can be processed by the waste water sysytem.


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