Reconciliation with Australia's First Nations

Port Cygnet Sailing Club acknowledges the melukerdee people the traditional owners of tahun’e – linah the land upon which our clubhouse is built. We acknowledge those brave and honourable people who lived here for countless generations, and who cared for this land and all its inhabitants. We acknowledge their descendants and their continuing custodianship of this land and sea.

We also acknowledge the original mariners of these magnificent waterways in southern Tasmania and pay our respects to the bands of the South East Nation, mouheneene of nibber-lung (Hobart), nueone of lunnawanna-alonnah (Bruny), melukerdee of tahun’e – linah (Huon) and lyluequonny from leilletah (Recherche Bay).

We travel regularly, in the wake of those brave and ancient mariners from Recherche Bay, the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the Huon Estuary and River. We sail by and visit ancient sites, and we are aware that everywhere we go the landscape has been touched and lived on people who raised their families and practiced their culture, for millennia. Those mariners built canoes from bark and reeds  - ninghers, also referred to as nunnugahs. More information on these vessels can be seen here.

We are honoured to have the Aboriginal Community acknowledging and participating in our ventures today. Our clubhouse is built on an important site for the melukerdee.

For more information about Reconciliation in Australia today, the Uluru Statement from the Heart, holds the considered views of the collective nations of Aboriginal Australia. Or there is the Reconciliation Australia website.

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