PCSC Race Maps

Port Cygnet Sailing Club uses various courses according to the weather and time available.

Course selection is decided no later than 30 minutes before the race starts and is posted at the clubhouse, on the starting box or can be obtained from Race Control on VHF Channel 73.

These maps, kindly provided by Paul Macmichael, can be downloaded singly or in doubles for easier printing and laminating. Twilight courses are also included. PDFs are available for download below.

Course A (downloadable PDF below)






















Course B (downloadable PDF below)

Course C (downloadable PDF below)

Course D (downloadable PDF below)

Course E (downloadable PDF below)

Course F (downloadable PDF below)

Course G (downloadable PDF below)

Course H (downloadable PDF below)


Double map files (for your printing and laminating convenience)

Twilight courses

Courses A & B

Courses C & D

Courses E & F

Courses G & H


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