Changes to PCSC Club Leadership and Management Team

Published Mon 20 May 2024

The recent PCSC organisation review has resulted in providing you with greater clarity of our service and activity groups, including what it takes to run the Club on a volunteer basis.  The best news is that there has been a fantastic response from you, as members, to volunteer your services in running the Club, a result of which we should all be very proud.

You will all be aware that there are changes afoot regarding the Club's Leadership and Management Team, and the Management Committee considers that given your refreshed support, we should use this as impetus to implement these changes prior to the AGM in August.

To allow these changes to be implemented within the Club Constitution, some "casual vacancies" (under Rule 21(5) of the Constitution) need to be created, and for this to occur, Kelvin O'Connor (Commodore), John Casimir (Vice Commodore) and Judy Howison (Secretary) have resigned their positions.

We are delighted to announce that with effect from today Monday 20 May, the new Management Committee leading up to the AGM in August will be:

  • Commodore.  -  Gary Pritchard
  • Vice Commodore. -  Leon Young
  • Rear Commodore. -  Simone John
  • Secretary. -  Mark Stephenson
  • Treasurer. -  Kelvin O'Connor
  • Committee Members  -  Wendy Lentz, Jay Lawry, Judy Howison

As you wil appreciate, these positions are all declared vacant at the AGM and are open for re-nomination, together with the receipt of any new nominations from the Club.

In the meantime, we congratulate and welcome the new Management Committee and look forward to your continued support in this transition period.

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